guidED: Taking the fear out of your financials

June 12 & 13th, 2021

Turns out, a lot of you veterinary professionals, business owners and managers are keen to make time to refine your expertise when it comes to the health and well-being of your practice.

We get it.  You are responsible for patient health...and practice health.  Your businesses are just like your patients -- to properly care for them you cannot use a one-size-fits-all approach!  We want to set the record straight and empower you to understand your business in a way that will allow you to succeed.  For most people, talking about financial aspects of the practice can be daunting. 

Vet Alliance has identified a way to support you with this goal.  We have carefully chosen two well-respected professionals to guide you in ensuring your foundation of knowledge is strong.  Using real life examples, they will help you to assess elements of your own business in a safe and enjoyable way.  From pricing strategies that make sense, to demystifying benchmarking and understanding profitability, we want you to feel confident when thinking about the financial health of your practice.

Our innovative approach to education combines pre-conference learning with engaging presentations from industry leaders, collaborative workshops for personal application and follow up sessions for long-term problem solving. It's proven to be a winning combination.  Join us!

As usual, your registration cost covers up to 2 participants from your practice because we know that shared learning sets you up for success.


Vet Alliance Member: Practice 2 for 1 = $299 + HST