Is there a cost to attend the PD Summit?

No, all three events are free to attend.

Can I register for more than one PD Summit?

Yes – as long as you understand the language of the event. Simply register for each event you’d like to attend.

Do you have a cap on how many attendees can register for the PD Summit?

No. We’re not limiting the number of participants who can register for the PD Summit this year.

I did not receive the link to join the PD Summit. Who should I contact?

Please email with your credentials.

What if I’m having problems with the online registration process?

If your problems are technical in nature (your browser is reporting errors or pages are failing to load correctly), please first try quitting and relaunching your browser and/or restarting your computer. Also, be sure you are not blocking cookies in your browser’s preferences (cookies are required for the registration form to work). If the issue persists, contact us at and explain your problem in as much detail as possible.

I did not receive a confirmation from my registration. What do I do?

Upon registration to the event, you should receive a confirmation email within 10 minutes. If you do not receive this, please first check your Junk folder. If your confirmation is not there, please send an email with your full first and last name to

I can’t login to the virtual platform, what do I do?

Please confirm you are using the same email address and password you used to register. If you have forgotten your password, simply click on “forgot my password” from the login screen and you will be sent a link to reset. Once reset, please try to login again. If the issue persists, please email

I need additional tech support. Where can I get help?

For additional tech support, please click on the “Help Desk” chat or reach out to

What is the best browser to use for optimum viewing of the program?

We recommend using Google Chrome as your browser for the optimum attendee experience. Although our platform is compatible with tablets and smartphones, we highly recommend using a personal computer and avoid using a VPN. You will want to ensure there are no JavaScript blockers running on your browser and make sure that our site is allowed through any pop-up blockers.

If I miss a session can I watch it later?

Yes, the sessions will be available for on demand viewing 48 hrs after the event. Log back in to review!

For the best event experience, please do the following:

  • If you are connected to a VPN, disconnect for the duration of the webinar
  • Ask others in your household to minimize wifi usage
  • Please ensure you're on a supported browser:

    Windows: Chrome, Firefox (latest versions)

    Mac: Safari, Chrome, Firefox (latest versions)